4 x 4 Trials


4x4 Trials

4x4  vehicles, even perfectly standard ones straight from the showroom, are capable of quite remarkable feats of cross-country driving.

The format of the competition is that competitors must negotiate three courses, four times,  at each event. The course consists of a series of "Gates" which the competitors must pass through cleanly and without stopping. Needless to say "Gates" will be located on the most difficult ground to  test the skill of both the driver and machine.


Apart from some sign writing and the addition of a mandatory tow-ropes, the only change from standard is in the fitting of tyres more suited to the job in hand. Watch the antics during an event as the vehicles climb and descend banks so steep you can hardly stand on them or scramble over deep ruts, which threaten to twist the axles in a knot!

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Type of Vehicles:

Any production 4x4 is eligible to take part, including "Specials" which have a separate class. The main vehicles at the moment are Suzuki's, Landrovers, Daihatsu's, Toyota and some Specials. Some  of these are road-going vehicles beyond their prime while others are ones that have been subsequently refurbished for trialing. A lot of these vehicles can be sourced in the small ads of national papers or magazines such as Buy & Sell.

Where and When:

4x4 Trials take place throughout the year with a bit of a break during the summer months of July and August. Events are generally run in counties Kildare, Wicklow, Cork and Tipperary.

Licence Requirements and Starting Age:

A clubman category National B licence is required and this is available to competitors from 16 years of age.  A Road Traffic Act driving licence is not needed nor is a medical. . Competitors under 18 years of age require written permission from parents or guardians. A first time licence costs as little as €40 if you are a member of one of our Affiliated Motor Clubs - non-club members pay €80.

How to get started:

If you are interested in becoming involved then the first step is to contact Motorsport  Ireland, the governing body of the sport, at phone 01-677 5628. Motorsport Ireland issue the competition licences and we annually publish a "Yearbook" containing all the rules and regulations for Irish  Motorsport. The "Yearbook",in DVD format, is issued free with every competition licence or alternatively you may buy a hard copy costing €30. A calendar of events is also published on this web site and you can download Licence Application Form here.

Special Equipment Required

Off road tyres are essential although many people have as much fun on ordinary road going tyres. If you wish to be competitive you will need off road tyres. A roll bar is a minimum requirement for all vehicles while a roll cage is necessary for soft-tops or fibreglass roofs. The following are mandatory;-

  • Seat belts and helmets
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Tow ropes and towing eyes.

Special Clothing Required:

No special clothing is necessary although we would recommend wellington boots!

Average cost of event entry fees:

Approximately €50 including Competitors' Personal Accident Insurance.
A one day Licence is available for €25.

Officials / Marshalling:

One of the best ways to learn all about a particular division of Motorsport is to get involved in the day to day organisation. So if you do not feel ready to compete, or you would simply like a sociable friendly attachment to 4x4 Trials, your invaluable help would be more than appreciated. Contact anyone involved in the Clubs and get started. It could change your whole life  and at the same time help others enjoy a great sport held in a responsible controlled environment.


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