00 Safety Car Training

00 training is for the 00 safety car crews that drive the stage before each Rally to ensure it is safe and set up according to the safety plan. The 00 safety cars are the final check on the stage before the first competitor enters the stage. There is four 00 safety crews and they consist of a driver and a navigator.

In order to do this very important job we have created a training course that all safety crews must pass and they also must hold a current competition licence to be a 00 safety crew member.

Only people who are nominated by their clubs can attend the training course.

Please ask your club secretary to send names to Ronnie Murphy at safety@motorsportireland.com to be eligible to attend this course

Upcoming Training Courses

  • Tuesday 18th February: Motorsport Ireland HQ - 34 Dawson street - Dublin 2 -  8pm - 10:30pm
To register for this training please email safety@motorsportireland.com or Phone Ronnie Murphy on 01 677 5628.

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