Sector Marshals

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Clubs secretaries (only) must pre-register nominees to in advance, maximum 5 per club. Course is limited to 25 participants and is on a ‘first in’ basis.

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Sector Marshal Training

The training is provided for experienced marshals who wish to officiate as Sector Marshals.

The course is intended to promote discussion, to encourage participants to think about what they might do in certain circumstances, how they might do it, to give some guidance as to what should be done and as to how it might best be done. The course is interactive and incorporates group work, role play, video clips and photographs.

Overall Aim

To improve the general standard of marshalling on stage rallies by having a pool of trained and licensed sector marshals who will undertake, and have the competence, to manage effectively and efficiently the location to which they are allocated.


  • To increase general ‘safety awareness’ in relation to stage rallying.
  • To increase the awareness of Sector Marshals as to how they can impact on the safety levels in stage rallying.
  • To increase the awareness of Sector Marshals as to how they can impact on the image of stage rallying.
  • To define the role of the Sector Marshal.
  • To highlight the priority considerations in the event of an accident on a stage.
  • To provide advice in relation to dealing with difficult spectators (conflict resolution).
  • To highlight the importance of the accredited Media to motorsport.
  • To provide guidance as to how Media and Marshals should work together for the betterment of the sport.

Selection Criteria

  • Have completed basic Motorsport Ireland Marshals' Training (hold an MI marshal number) or hold a current Stage Commander licence / higher Senior Official licence.
  • Be prepared to accept the responsibility of managing a location.
  • Be prepared to be accountable for how the location to which they are allocated is managed.
  • Be confident and have good leadership qualities.
  • Be a good communicator.
  • Be a regular and experienced marshal.

Role of Motor Clubs

On request, Motor Clubs to nominate 4 members as per above selection criteria, to be registered for a scheduled Sector Marshal Training session.

Sector Marshal Licence

Upon successful completion of the Sector Marshal Training session (including a short assessment), those trained will be issued with a Sector Marshal’s licence.


4 / 4.5 hrs typically

If you wish to attend this training you must be nominated by your Club and have completed the Standard Marshals Training or hold a current Stage Commanders licence or higher Senior Officials licence.

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