The Royal Irish Automobile Club Archive

Situated at Dawson Street, the Royal Irish Automobile Club Archive is Ireland's only Motoring and Motorsport Archive. It comprises the Guinness Segrave Library together with a growing collection of material - photographs, film and videos, and other automobilia - relating to the history of motoring and motorcycling in Ireland. The Archive and it's research facility are available to bone-fide researchers by appointment.

In line with our aim of establishing the Archive as the premier Irish research facility and repository of historic motoring material, plans have been made for its long-term development. Wide-ranging support is being sought from the Irish Motor Industry, Irish Motorsport and Government sources to enable the archive to meet these aims. The Archive encourages the production of publications relating to Irish Motoring subjects and it is intended to develop a public area where displays relating to Irish Motoring history can be viewed.

Friends of the Archive Group

A 'Friends of the Archive Group' has been established to bring together those with an interest in Irish Motoring history and also those who would like to contribute to the work of the Archive. Various memberships are available, ranging from 'Personal', to 'Trade', 'Corporate' and 'Patron'. A regular 'Friends' Newsletter is being established and events will be organised for members, who will enjoy special access privileges to the Archive and its facilities.

If you or your company would like details of how you can become associated with the 'Friends of the Archive' group, please contact :

Bob Montgomery,
Royal Irish Automobile Club Archive,
34 Dawson Street,
Dublin 2.

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