Terrible luck for Martin Pierce. Having won the Rotax DD2 Masters class (gearbox) at the Rotax Grand Finals in Valentia, Spain, Martin was then excluded on a technical non-compliance in that the washer between the seat support and the seat was the incorrect size. There were 69 competitors from 56 countries. Richie Faulkner hit trouble on Lap 11 and failed to finish.

In the Senior Rotax Class with 71 competitors Gary Donnelly started from 32nd and finished a credible 11th. In DD2 Senior Aaron Sherlock had trouble in the second chance final and sadly did not qualify for the main final. In Junior Max, a very upset Shane Mullins suffered rib injuries just prior to the event and had to withdraw.

In the Nations Cup, with 56 countries represented our little island of Ireland finished a credible 20th overall.


Kart racing in action


 Click on the image above to see Kart Racing in action


Karting information

Kart Racing is one of the fastest growing forms of motor sport in the world offering speed, thrills and great competition.  As skilful and exciting as Formula 1, Kart Racing is a more flexible form of motor sport, where drivers can begin at the age of eight and adults can show off their expert driving skills on the racing track.  For 2015 the Motorsport Ireland Kart Racing Championship is held over 9 National Championship race dates and 2 CUP meetings, running from March to the end of September.
Kart racing is controlled by Motorsport Ireland and has similar rules and safety regulations to Formula 1, as well as other forms of motor sport.





Go to a Kart Race meeting.  While you are there, don't be afraid to chat to competitors, they are usually very friendly and forthcoming with information.  They will also be able to tell you how they got started!

Kart Races are held at tracks all over the country from March to October. Visit for dates of races or find us on facebook mi karting. In addition and very important contact Motorsport Ireland and get a copy of the kart racing DVD. This outlines all the classes and gives you good information and tips



Decide which Class you want to race in. 

This will depend on your age:

Bambino Kart -ages 6-8

Cadet -ages 8-13

Boys and girls from the age of 8 can get involved in Kart Racing in this cost-effective, family friendly formula.  Engines are 60cc and have a pull-cord starter mechanism.

Mini Max - Ages 11 –15

Ultra reliable Sealed 125cc Rotax Engines and a variation of chassis to choose from make Mini-Max one of the most competitive classes in Irish Kart Racing today.

Junior Max – Ages 13-17

This more cost-effective Junior Class is an ideal entry-level for 13-16 year olds.

Iame X30 Junior  - Ages 13-17

A new class for 2015 and really taking off.


These include:

125cc GearboxThere are 2 classes here. One is the KZ2 Class and the other is the 125 Open class. KZ2 to one engine type and the 125 Open allows older engines of various makes. With 6-speed sequential gearboxes, 125's are generally the fastest of classes in Irish Kart Racing today.  They can get from 0 to 60 in less than 4 seconds! 125's always produce exciting racing and are an enjoyable spectacle to watch.

Rotax Max

Sealed 125cc water-cooled engines, producing 28bhp, make the competition in Rotax max pretty fierce.  This class is easily the most competitive in Irish Kart Racing today.  The top 10 karts have been known to finish within 0.5 sec of each other.  Driver skill and chassis set up is the key to being successful in this class.

Iame x30 Senior

Again a new class for 2015 this 125cc water-cooled engines unsealed engine producing 30bhp, and the competition here is fantastic. Unsealed means that competitors can do their own maintenance.

Super 4

These are four stroke engines. Two engine types, each 250cc. The Biland Engine is a twin cylinder with twin carburettor. The other engine, a Swiss Auto is a single cylinder with single carburettor.



Buying a Kart

A good website to start looking and getting an idea of price is the BUYANDSELL section of


It is always a good idea to bring someone who knows about Kart Racing to take a look at the kart before you purchase.  When you do buy a kart, it is advisable to become familiar with the mechanical side of it before you head to your local track to put in a few laps.  Karts are generally very easy to maintain for anyone with simple mechanical knowledge.

Always check the Kart Racing Regulations before purchasing.  They can be found in Appendix 70, the Kart racing section of the Motorsport Ireland yearbook, which can be downloaded from this website.



Apply for your Competition Licence & Race Number

This process is simple; all the relative forms can be found online and must be completed by every driver before they can begin racing.  All that is needed for your licence application is the completed form and medical certificate from a doctor.   It is as simple as that.   Race Entry forms are also available online,.  Remember First Time Cadet and Junior Competition Licences are free of charge!!!

You can download the (first licence) application form from here.

Or contact Motorsport Ireland on Tel: + 353 1 6775628, Fax: +353 1 6710793,  email:  

Kart Racing Events are organised by voluntary Clubs that are Affiliated to Motorsport Ireland and Annual Club Membership is included FREE of charge with your FIRST Competition Licence, if you are under 16 years of age.

Motorsport Ireland’s Affiliated Kart Racing Clubs are:

  • Irish Karting Club
  • Munster Karting Club
  • Meath & District Motor Club



Buy Your Kart Race Gear

You will need:

A Helmet - never buy this second hand or by mail order.   Make sure you try it on and get a proper fit.  Check the regulations in the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook.

You will also need a race suit, boots, gloves and a rib protector.  These can be bought second hand, but must be “CIK” approved.
Make sure you have the right tools and equipment.  A selection of spanners, allen keys and screwdrivers will be enough to start with.  You will need a trolly to wheel your kart to and from the starting grid and you will also need a transponder for race timing.



Testing and Preparation

Before you even consider entering your first race, you should do a reasonable amount of on-track testing to ensure you are comfortable with the kart and confident in your driving.   This is also advisable because you will gain some knowledge of the mechanical side of the kart, for example, what things can go wrong and how to fix them.

As with all sports Kart Racing is something to be learned.  Although some people have a natural aptitude for it, there is nothing more beneficial than time testing to learn the vagaries of the mechanics and to get used to driving at speed.
Most tracks have open testing, for a small fee, where you can come along with your kart and run on their track for the day.  Other karts may be there as well.  See the directory for more details.  Some tracks require that you have a Motorsport Ireland Licence prior to open testing, so it is worth checking.
Racing is controlled by a variety of officials, marshals, timers and even a childrens’ liaison officer.  They are there for your safety and welfare and you should obey their instructions.

The most important thing of all however, is that you have fun and enjoy yourself - everyone will be willing to help!


Calendar Of Events

Upcoming Fixtures