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MI-Membership is go! 

As part of a long term goal to acknowledge and reward those involved in motorsport, Motorsport Ireland is delighted to launch MI-Membership, a simple, reward based membership scheme, available to all motoring enthusiasts. All competition licence holders, who will be automatically enrolled in the programme, will also get the chance to nominate 2 members on their licence form at a cost of €10 each. This provides a chance for competitors to reward the people around them who help them get to the start line of each event. As well as licence holders, individuals can also apply for membership via the MI-Membership portal on, again at a cost of €10. They too will avail of a range of benefits and discounts designed to provide useful assistance to fans and supporters of motorsport.

It is incredibly easy to become an MI-Member, just click the buy now button, input your information, click confirm, and that’s it! To make sure that everything is GDP compliant and for the purposes of our legitimate interest in operating as a governing body, you will get an email receipt to confirm your purchase while we will get a receipt with your postal address so we can post out your membership card and your email address so we can send our quarterly bulletins to you! Paypal take care of all your financial details and all their privacy policies can be viewed here.  

Early offers and discounts will include:

  • 30% discount with Parts For Cars across all their products along with exclusive discount codes for special offers when their new eCommerce website goes live in early 2019.
  • Discounts on ferry travel with Stena Line.
  • Discounts with the people powered delivery service, Drop2U.

Throughout 2019, more companies will be joining the MI-Membership incentive offering even more rewards for members. Motorsport Ireland CEO Leo Hassett expressed his delight saying; “MI-Membership will be a key building block for Motorsport Ireland as we roll out our new Strategic Plan. Our traditional membership has only ever been around 3,000 but we all know so many more people are involved in and follow and support our sport. Now, we have a way of including, recognising and rewarding those people. A vibrant, growing, membership will make us a much more attractive commercial proposition in the future and I look forward to seeing this initiative grow over the coming years. It’s an exciting step for Motorsport Ireland.”


For any queries, please contact the MI-Membership Services Team on

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