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Appendix 81 Article 4 rule change

Photo by Cian Donnellan

A recent rule change passed by the Motorsport Commission, will now allow holders of an Irish Drift Championship​ Pro Licence the opportunity to gain an probationary National A Speed licence allowing them to use their drift cars in the Irish Hillclimb & Sprint Championship​.

The following criteria must be met:

  • Applicants will use the Motorsport Ireland first time licence application form for their new probationary licence. As with all first time competition licences, that means a medical must be completed.
  • Applicants must write that they are applying for a “probationary National A Speed licence” on the form.
  • Applicants must provide proof of their in date Pro Drift licence.
  • Drift cars competing on Speed events must be Motorsport Ireland logged.
  • Safety requirements. Drivers must wear 3 layer overalls of FIA 1986 standard or subsequent FIA 8856-2000 standard. Gloves to be FIA 1986/ISO standard or subsequent FIA 8856-2000 standard. All other clothing, i.e. underwear (top & bottom), socks, boots & balaclava must be FIA 8856-2000 standard. Helmets must comply with Appendix 5 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook.
  • Motorsport Ireland will charge the first time licence fee including levy with the applicants Pro Drift licence counting as a club stamp. For year 1, this means the licence will cost €90 total. Subsequent years will be will be at renewal rates. Applicants are reminded that the split year licence option is available for this category of licence.
  • In the event of the probationary licence being suspended or regraded to a National B licence, the licence must be returned to the MI office with an explanation from Hillclimb and Sprint Committee.
  • Finishes under this probationary licence count towards a licence upgrade.

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