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Changes to Rally Class 20 from 2019 onwards

At a recent meeting of the Motorsport Commission, the following changes were approved for Class 20. The changes will come into effect for cars competing in Class 20 on all MI events for 2019. 

Competitors that up to now, competed in class 20 with the following cars; currently homologated WRCs, RRCs, S2000 Rally 1.6T* and R5s and modified versions of these cars will no longer be eligible to enter class 20 from January 1st. The specific wording of the rule change is shown below for your information. 

Appendix 29.1


“Currently homologated WRC, RRC, S2000 Rally 1.6T, R5 cars, and modified versions of these car types are not permitted to enter in class 20 on any event run under a Motorsport Ireland Permit from January 1st 2019”.


Currently homologated WRCs and R5s are presently catered for in Classes 5 and 7 of Appendix 29.1 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook. A proposal for RHD R5 cars to run on national permit events has been approved by the Rallies Committee and the Technical Advisory Group but has not yet been approved the Motorsport Commission as it did not make it to the agenda of their last meeting on time.


MI Rallies Committee.


* S2000 Rally 1.6T was another name given to some types of Regional Rally Cars (detuned World Rally Cars). This does not refer to S2000 cars which are not mentioned in the above rule change.

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