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Marshal Incentive Scheme Clarification

Dear Marshals,

Following a number of queries in relation to the Motorsport Ireland marshal incentive scheme, please find below the definition of a marshal as agreed for FIA grant funding.

“A marshal is someone who works voluntarily on a Motorsport Ireland permitted event but is not named in the event regulations, safety plan or programme as an official.”

This therefore includes volunteer timekeepers and volunteer communication personnel in the incentive scheme.  All those wishing to avail of the scheme must attend the Motorsport Ireland marshals training and apply for a marshal’s licence.  The marshal must attend 5 events and ensure they sign on at events.  After 5 events the record card should be submitted to the MI office for inclusion in the draw.  A new card will then be issued, so the more events you are a marshal at, the more entries you get into the draw!

There will be four prize draws for a trip to an International Motorsport event – up to a maximum of €2,000 for each event. The prize is the TRIP. It is not a cash prize for obvious reasons and it will always only be a recognition of the commitment given by our participating community.   

This scheme was enabled by FIA GRANT funding applied for by me, as CEO in myfirst few months in the role, having met and listened to marshals around the country. As with many of the new initiatives across motorsport driven by the President, CEO and Commissions, these are first steps. Part of the importance of growing MI Membership is to drive numbers so we can do commercial deals that will fund additional needed programs across the sport.  So the marshals incentive scheme is a first step and has been applauded, but we NEED to increase our MI Membership numbers to let us drive other commercial initiatives to pay for such programmes going forward.


Leo Hassett
Motorsport Ireland


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