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Keep the Race in Its Place – Safety Wins

RSA & Motorsport Ireland - Donegal International Rally 2019

 Motorsport Ireland and the RSA have worked closely since 2010 to promote road safety messages for young drivers across the country. By teaming up, both organisations are emphasising the importance of safety, both for competitors and for spectators on the open road.

The RSA & Motorsport Ireland joint safety campaign is built around conveying life-saving road safety messages to the public and those viewing the rally. The core safety message to fans attending the rally is to “Keep the Race in its Place”.

This campaign talks directly to the predominantly young males who follow the sport of the need to drive safely - hence the message “Keep The Race In Its Place – Safety Wins’.

Click below to see Professional Rally Driver, Ken Block, supporting the call for safety on the RTE Facebook page:

The campaign reminds people to only watch the Special Stages from safety zones, never to enter prohibited areas, and between stages and afterwards, to follow the rally drivers’ lead by staying within the speed limits, by staying belted-in, and by never ever drinking and driving.

To date the campaign has been backed by well known rally drivers who have been recruited to get across these important safety messages to the public in a National and Local Radio advertising campaign. The current campaign features rally drivers Craig Breen and Daniel McKenna.

The drivers explain that as a rally driver they are acutely aware of the need for safety. It is the top priority for all rally drivers and it should be the top priority for all road users. You simply cannot drive on open roads the same way that professional Rally drivers do on closed roads with a co-driver warning you of upcoming obstacles and hazards. Ordinary drivers just don’t drive under the same strict health and safety requirements and when driving on public roads must obey the rules of the road.

Radio ads promoting this message will air on local radio from Thursday 20th to Sunday 23rd June on local radio.

A mobile digital advertising van, displaying the ‘Keep the Race in its Place’ message will also be located at high footfall areas. A solid social media campaign is also in place to get key messages across to a target audience that is regularly affected by road safety, while also improving road safety to and from the events.

Keep the Race in its Place

Further Information

To learn more about the “Keep the Race in its Place” campaign, please contact the RSA Communications Team on 096 25008.

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