Motorsport Ireland is committed to sustaining and growing motorsport in this country by supporting our affiliated clubs, competitors, volunteers, and communities that we interact with. 

Below is a summary of our Vision, Mission and Values.


From grassroots to international success, our vision is to grow a motorsport community that is enjoyed by all ages.


Motorsport Ireland is a club-based community supporting a fair and accessible sport for all ages. We will deliver this vision and mission by focusing on:

  • Leadership: We commit to taking a fresh look at what our sport is.
  • Community: We will value and recognise the broad motorsport community, build relationships, and give a positive experience of the sport.
  • Sustainability: We will secure our finances to support the vision for the sport and make the sport more affordable at entry level.
  • Inspiration: We will showcase the sport and talent to provide inspiration to younger generations and to encourage people to become members of motorsport.
  • Training: We will ensure our officials execute their functions in a strong and fair manner.
  • Communications: We will be transparent in our rule making and decisions.
  • Development: We will provide clear pathways through our sport, providing a positive experience and serving the needs of competitors, volunteers, and clubs.
  • Safety: We will always invest in safety.
  • Fairness: We will seek a level playing field.



  • Respect: This is important as it harnesses trust. No one person, irrelevant of their official position, is better than another. We all need to exhibit behaviours that treat others as we would like to be treated ourselves and create a positive circle of mutual respect.
  • Teamwork: We will only achieve our goal if we work as a team. Every role is important and is valued. Officials, clubs, and competitors must work together to enable the sport to progress.
  • Transparency: Competitors need to be able to see how and why a decision or rule was arrived at, and rules and regulations need to be adhered to. Fairness and equality matter in our sport.
  • Enjoyment: The essence of a sport is to have fun. We want to make the sport appealing and fun, for all types of participant.
  • Fairness: All sport must be fair. This is not only in the interpretation of the rules but also consistency of application. We want a fair sport supported by fair rules for everyone.

Download the Motorsport Ireland Strategic Plan (2019-21)