Safety regulations are a particularly important part of the sport. They are there for the safety of all who take part in motorsport including the competitors, officials, and spectators.

By making safety a top priority, Motorsport Ireland does everything it can to mitigate the consequences of accidents.

Safety regulations cover a whole list of items from the clothes you wear, to the helmets, the cars that are driven, the fire extinguishers, the safety plans put in place for the running of events and the services that are on standby to help in case of an accident. All these procedures must be checked and double checked before an event takes place to minimise the risk of anything happening.

Sometimes these safety procedures are costly and sometimes not, but we all agree that they are essential for the safe running of our sport, and therefore the cooperation of all members of motorsport community is essential.

Download a Driver’s Guide to Safe Motor Sport


Safety is, and always will be, our number one concern for all involved in motorsport!