While you can start competing in Motorsport Ireland sanctioned events from the age of six, many people join the sport at different stages of their life and this is reflected in the broad amount of disciplines, classes, and licences on offer.

Should you wish to compete in a Motorsport Ireland sanctioned event, you will require a competition licence. However, your first step should be to join an affiliated club as this will allow you to purchase a licence at a significantly discounted rate. If you wish to drive in a Stage Rally or a Race however, you must apply for an Introduction to Motorsport Course (IMC) Starter Pack from Motorsport Ireland. 

Join a Motorsport Ireland Club

Joining a Club is the ideal way for you to start out your journey in motorsport.

Order a Starter Pack

An Introduction to Motorsport Starter Pack is the first step for anyone looking to compete in Race or Rally.

Apply for a Competition Licence

You will need a Competition Licence to compete in a Motorsport Ireland event.

Anyone looking to compete should get in touch with Motorsport Ireland for all the advice and support you need to get started.
James Roe. Jr, Motorsport Ireland Young Race Driver of the Year 2019

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