Karting has been the backbone of my motorsport career to date.

I spent 10 years Kart racing, progressing from humble beginnings in Ireland, with Dad on the tools, to travelling throughout Europe and taking part at the very top level of the sport.

Some of my best and cherished memories are from being taken under the wing of the Brennan family, where I spent the vast majority of my time in Karting.

After arriving at the crossroads and taking the plunge into Rallying, my time in Karting has always proven to be incredibly beneficial to my Rallying career. Many of the skills I picked up in Karting are still helping me to this day.

I still try to go Karting as often as possible, as I feel I am learning and bettering myself as a driver each time I put myself back in a Kart. Don't forget, Karting is the purest and most natural form of Motorsport, driving without any filters!

Craig Breen
World Rally Champion & Former Kart Racer