At an early age, I was introduced to motor racing by both my uncles' involvement with our club, the Midget Racing Car Club of Ireland (MRCCI). However, it wasn't until the age of 21 that I first put on a helmet and took to the track in a car that my uncle had built (and won championships in) to try it for myself.

I was instantly hooked on the thrill of Midget Car Racing and welcomed into a community that has a long and rich heritage. Since then, Racing has become a passion that consumes everyday life for me. When not on track, I spend my Summer weekends racing against the clock to have my car ready for the next event. Winter evenings are spent stripping down my car to maintain and improve it for the upcoming season.

My proudest achievement to date is winning the Motorsport Ireland Midget Car Racing Championship in 2018 and seeing my name next to family members before me, on a trophy dating back to 1956.

Motorsport to me means a community where all are welcomed and encouraged to grow and achieve in a highly competitive environment. I would encourage anyone to get involved in midget racing an experience this for themselves. 

Joe Sheppard
Club Secretary & Competitor, Midget Racing Car Club of Ireland