I grew up with Sporting Trials or ‘Mudplugs’ as they are called, as my Dad competed and brought me along to events as a child. As soon as I could reach the pedals of the mudplug, he taught me to drive and I was hooked.

I started competing at the age of 14, won my first mudplug in 2001 and am thankfully still winning events and staying competitive today. It feels great to be competitive as a female in motorsport and it is fantastic to see more women getting involved across the various disciplines.

For me, Mudplugging is the ideal way for anyone to get started in motorsport, whether you are young or old, a beginner or experienced driver. At only €40 for an entry, it is probably the most affordable type of motorsport, and you can start driving at the age of 10.

Mudplugging will teach you excellent car control and driving skills, and it is a great stepping-stone into other disciplines. Mudplugging is a winter discipline which means I can do hillclimbing during the summer and drive all year round.  Most of all, it is unbelievable fun with great people, and I would recommend it to anyone!