Watch the 2001 Barbados Rally Carnival from 7pm on Thursday, June 3rd

Motorsport Ireland will stream the 2001 Barbados Rally Carnival from 7pm on Thursday, June 3rd.

This week’s Motorsport Ireland – RIAC classic video from the RPM Motorsport collection is highlights from the 2001 Barbados Rally Carnival. 

As Irish and UK rally competitors continued to look to new horizons to find competitive action while Foot and Mouth Disease stopped action on the home front, some set their eye on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Irish visitors were no stranger to the event with Kenny McKinstry having won the rally twice in the 90s, but by the new millennium the locals were much better equipped. Irish visitors Denis Biggerstaff, Richard Hogg and Sean McArdle were unable to trouble the locals, who on this occasion were in a class of their own. Trevor Manning and Roger Skeete battled it out all weekend and were eventually declared joint winners!

This programme will be available to stream below from 7pm on June 3rd.


Next week’s upload will feature autotest action from the 2001 Toyota Super Test, a unique head to head, knockout event among Ireland’s top 30 autotest drivers.

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