Watch the 2001 Dogleap Rally from 7pm, Thursday August 12th

Motorsport Ireland will stream highlights of the 2001 Dogleap Rally from 7pm, this Thursday

This week’s Motorsport Ireland – RIAC classic video from the RPM Motorsport collection is highlights from the 2001 Dogleap Rally.

With rallying resuming as the gloom of Foot and Mouth Disease lifted, the RPM camera travelled to the forests near Limavady to cover the 2001 Dogleap Rally. The Northern Ireland Championship was extremely competitive at the turn of the millennium and while the Metro mounted Denis Biggerstaff would eventually win the championship that year, he could do nothing about Trevor Moore in the Co. Derry forests as he “leaped” to victory is his Escort Cosworth.

This programme will be available to stream below from 7pm on August 12th.


Next week’s upload will feature highlights from the Rothmans Historic Grand Prix which was held in the Phoenix Park in 1996.

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