2021 Young Driver of the Year Awards



Motorsport Ireland is pleased to announce positive updates with regards to both Young Driver of the Year Awards following their suspension last year. However, there will be slight differences to previous years, please find these outlined below.

Young Racing Driver of the Year (Sexton Trophy)
Nominations for the Young Racing Driver of the Year are now closed.

Young Rally Driver of the Year (Billy Coleman Award)
Due to the Covid restrictions prevailing throughout 2021 limiting the amount of competition that could be held, for a second year in a row the Billy Coleman Award will not be presented.
The present Motorsport Ireland Rally Academy group are in place since the awards process in 2019 and have benefited from this over the last two years. It is proposed to select a new group for the 2022 season rather than giving the award to one individual and the process for that is laid out in the recently updated Appendix 16 of the Motorsport Ireland Yearbook.
As with the Sexton Award, eligible competitors will self-nominate themselves by completing THIS FORM which must be submitted no later than Friday November 12th 2021.

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