Nicole Drought Features in Jackie Hurley's New Childrens Book- Girls Play Too


Irish sportswomen continue to make headlines! Whether it is Katie Taylor’s continued dominance in the boxing ring, Katie Harrington's incredible Olympic Gold Medal or Rachael Blackmore’s phenomenal success in 2021, as the leading jockey at Cheltenham and the first ever female Grand National winner, Irish women are leading the way through their sporting achievements .Included in this list is Tipperary's Nicole Drought, who continues to enjoy success in motorsport and encourages other young girls to do the same.

Based on interviews with the featured athletes and fully illustrated in colour, the second volume of sports journalist Jackie Hurley's Girls Play Too continues from where the first book left off. Spoilt for choice, Jacqui’s selection includes some of the most successful athletes to ever grace a GAA pitch, pioneering horse-racing jockeys, elite figures from the athletics circuit, stalwarts of the Irish football team, members of the hugely successful hockey team, and of course, Roscrea's Nicole Drought.

With her popular fairy-tale touch, RTÉ’s Jacqui Hurley tells the real-life stories of women who have proved that gender is not a barrier to success. Each new story in Girls Play Too: Book 2 is one of empowerment and overcoming adversity, and the role models celebrated here are sure to inspire the next generation of Irish sportswomen even more.

The book tells the story of how, as a child, Nicole  accompanied her father to many rally events round the country when he competed and saved up from an early age in order to buy her own race car. As an ambassador for Formula Female, she now hopes to inspire other young girls to have the same dream.

Nicole Drought: "I'm humbled and honoured to have been included in this book alongside some incredible sportswomen. Motorsport is a minority sport and women are in a minority within that sport. To be working to change that makes me very proud.

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