Motorsport Ireland Confirm 2021 Event Calendar


Following a meeting with affiliated clubs on Saturday, May 29th, Motorsport Ireland are please to confirm a calendar of events for the remainder of 2021.

The calendar contains a total of 68 gated events across 6 discliplines. Priovisionally included on the calendar are 17 non-gated events, however the status of these events is not yet confirmed as the running of such events is yet to be permitted under current public health restrictions. Once non-gated events are given the green light, meetings will take place between the organising clubs and the relevant sporting commissions to confirm their place on the calendar.

Commenting on the calendar Motorsport Ireland President John Naylor said; "It is hard to believe the last permitted Motorsport Ireland event took place in mid September. It is heartening to see a return on the horizon and to have a calendar agreed is the first step in that process. We are acutely aware that all events still need to happen within public health guidelines and we'll continue to work with all organising clubs to offer every support possible." 

The calendar can be viewed below

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