Motorsport Ireland Statement 29/4/21


The MSC is aware that a personal email sent in confidence in February 2020 by one of its members to the other members of the MSC has been circulated through social media. This email was the personal opinion of that member and did not reflect the opinion of MSC and Motorsport Ireland. The MSC acknowledge that even though the email was sent following a difficult meeting where tensions were high, it was sent in haste and was a misjudgement, in particular the tabloid style headline which was designed to catch the attention of the recipients and does not actually represent the author’s view of our competitors. The member involved has contributed enormously to Irish motorsport across many disciplines for many years in a voluntary capacity and is held in high regard by many others who have worked with him and freely acknowledges that the choice of language was inappropriate.

The MSC wish to apologise for the email tone and language used and especially to anyone who may have felt hurt by the content.

The Motorsport community is going through some very challenging times due to the current pandemic and now is certainly not the time for any divide between Motorsport Ireland, its clubs or the wider competitor/enthusiast community. Motorsport Ireland remains totally committed to all aspects of motorsport, especially the grassroots competitor without whom our sport would not exist.

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