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Statement from the President of Motorsport Ireland

Following proposals brought forward from the Rallies Commission in recent weeks we can now confirm the following rule changes were approved at last night’s Motorsport Ireland Council Meeting.

1. R5/Rally2 cars (in accordance with FIA ISC Appendix J Art. 261) whereby the driver’s position has been inverted, will be eligible for national homologation by Motorsport Ireland. Provision for inverting the driver’s position of Rally 3, Rally4/R2 and Rally 5/R1 cars is provided for in FIA ISC Appendix J Art. 7.3.

This decision, in conjunction with additional decisions taken regarding regulations for the running of international rallies in Ireland, now means that national cars (including R5/Rally2 cars converted to right hand drive) may compete in, and be classified on the results of, international rallies run under the jurisdiction of Motorsport Ireland.

2. A rule change was also approved whereby Toyota Starlet Models: KP60, KP61 & KP62 from 1978 to 1984 can now install an engine up to 2500cc allowing them to compete in class 14.

3. It was also agreed that any competition rally cars requiring a logbook will require certification as stated below with immediate effect. 

In order for applicants to be eligible to receive Motorsport Ireland national homologation or a logbook as stated above, a suitably qualified independent engineers report will be required with a detailed description of the works carried out, the parts used, photographic images and confirmation that the standard of the works meet the standards required for a competition vehicle.

A standard form for this process will be available to download from the Motorsport Ireland website in the coming days.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This form when signed can NOT state without prejudice.

Aiden Harper

President, Motorsport Ireland


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