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A = National Autocross Championship
M = Munster Autotest Championship
KC = National Kart Racing Championship
HC = National Hillclimb/Sprint Championship
NT = National Navigational Trials Championship
SR = National Stages Rally Championship
FR = National Forestry Championship
RX = National Rallycross Championship
DM = Irish Digital Motorsport Championship
ITC = Irish Tarmac Rally Championship
ICCR = Irish Championship Circuit Racing



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Event Details
11 - 11.12.22

Senior Officials First time Training Rally/Hillclimb

More Information
SOR1Senior Officials First time Training Rally/Hillclimb More Information
11 - 11.12.22

Senior Officials Refresher Training Rally/Hillclimb

More Information
SOR2Senior Officials Refresher Training Rally/Hillclimb More Information
28 - 28.01.23

Stage Commander & Timekeeper training

More Information
SCTKStage Commander & Timekeeper trainingAthloneMore Information