The Motorsport Ireland Yearbook (commonly referred to as the Green Book), is the ‘Bible’ of Irish motorsport, containing all of the General Regulations that help to ensure safety and fair play across discipline of the sport. 

 A new edition of the book is published each year. Hard copies are available on request but the full book and each individual appendix can be viewed below. 

The Yearbook Rules & Regulations of Motorsport Ireland are to be used at all times in conjunction with the FIA Yearbook of Automobile Sport. Motorsport Ireland reserves the right to add, delete or alter these rules, regulations and definitions. Notice of any such amendments will be published in the official Motor Sport Bulletin and/or on this website, which will have the same force as the General Competition Rules (GCRs).

In the event of a conflict, the following priority will apply:

  • For International Events: FIA Yearbook, Motorsport Ireland GCRs, Motorsport Ireland Appendices
  • For National Events: Motorsport Ireland GCRs, Motorsport Ireland Appendices, FIA Yearbook



The Motorsport Ireland Yearbook contains all General Competition Rules (GCRs) and Appendices for the 2023 competition year.

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Yearbook Appendices

Yearbook Amendments



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